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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I move my Audi-Graph license to a new computer?

Question: I would like to use Audi-Graph on a different computer than the one I originally installed it on.How can I move my license from the current computer so that I can activate it on another machine?

Answer: Audi-Graph understands that users computers crash, and users upgrade machines. Please contact Audi-Graph Technical Support detailing the situation and requesting a license transfer.

Will there be a version for Mac OS X?

Question: I use a Mac. Are you planning to release a version compatible with Mac OS X?

Answer: A native Mac version is currently in the planning stage, but Audi-Graph does work on Mac OSX 10.5 and above using a free emulator called Wine Bottler, retaining all functionality and interface. Audi-Graph can also be run on a Mac OS X running Windows via Parallels/Fusion.

Will there be a version available for smartphones?

Question: I enjoy using Audi-Graph at my home computer or laptop, but are you planning to make a version I can install on my smartphone, iPad or other tablet device?

Answer: An iPad version of Audi-Graph is currently being evaluated, but a release date is unavailable. This is because there are no high quality accessible external microphones currently available for any smartphone, tablets, and iPad devices.

Do I need to buy an external microphone?

Question: My computer has a built in microphone, or I have a little stand microphone that came with my computer. Do I need to buy an external microphone?

Answer: Possibly. For functions other than Timbre Analysis, a built in microphone is adequate but not recommended. Built-in computer microphones are not high quality products, and are not sensitive enough to detect the subtleties in instrument acoustics. This is often the case of many audio-mini plug desk-standing microphones as well. We recommend a USB microphone because it is the best balance of sensitivity and affordability. We do not recommend the use of XLR microphones because they do not provide enough sensitivity benefits to justify the additional cost.

An easy way to test the response of your microphone is to plug it in and start Audi-Graph. You should see an empty screen with the occasional flicker on the bottom right of the graph window. You should only see graph response while you are playing. If you see significant spikes and jumps across the entire window while you are not playing, the microphone is not of good enough quality.

If you are playing, and the tuner does not detect the note being played (even if the microphone is close), then you are probably using an XLR microphone with various built in noise-cancellation technology. You can attempt to adjust the gain levels on your computer microphone settings.

Do you have any suggestions on microphone placement?

Question: I am having some difficulty placing my microphone to get the best display. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Microphone placement can be tricky. Audi-Graph is designed so that the microphone should be generally be placed 4 feet from the instrument when you play at mezzo forte. It does depend on the room and the instrument. A suggestion is that you play and have a friend slowly move the microphone around.

If you have to play louder than mezzo-forte for the tuner to activate, move the microphone closer. If you have to play softer than mezzo-forte because your graph exceeds the chart, move the microphone further away.

Does Audi-Graph have a trial version available?

Question: Is there any way I can try Audi-Graph for a few weeks to decide if I need it?

Answer: On a case-by-case basis, Audi-Graph can provide a short-term trial license. However, it must be noted that to reliably test Audi-Graph, you will need a quality external microphone. Please contact Audi-Graph Technical Support and explain what you need.

Does my purchase allow installation on both a laptop and desktop?

Question: How can I install my single Audi-Graph license on both my desktop computer and my laptop computer?

Answer: The Audi-Graph license is for installation on one computer only. If you have both a laptop and desktop, we recommend installation on your laptop computer, as it is more portable and can be carried to practice rooms or practice sessions.

Does Audi-Graph support piano, strings, voice, guitar, or percussion instruments?

Question: You’ve stated that Audi-Graph works with instruments such as woodwind instruments, brass instruments, and vocals. Does it work with piano, guitars, percussion or other instrument types.

Answer: Yes, but it depends on what you are trying to do. Audi-Graph is intended to help students see the effects of embouchure, posture, and position and wind speed have on the creation of sound, and how that relates to making a good or bad sound. Percussion instruments, guitars, and pianos are designed differently such that while you can manipulate the timbre of the sound created based on technique, the majority of the variation in sound type is dictated by the physical size/shape of the object. Audi-Graph can be used to study the differences in these sounds.

I have an external USB microphone but it seems to be giving crazy results?

Question: I have my USB microphone plugged in and started Audi-Graph, but it is showing a lot of noise when I’m not even doing anything.

Answer: You must plug the USB microphone into the computer before starting the Audi-Graph program, otherwise the software and computer get confused. Simply close Audi-Graph and restart it, making sure the USB microphone is plugged in the entire time. If this does not solve the problem, please contact Audi-Graph Technical Support with more details.

Can Audi-Graph be used to assign my students homework?

Question: Is there a way I can use Audi-Graph to assign my students homework?

Answer: Yes you can! Audi-Graph is intended to be used during the long-tone portion of a students practice session, as this is the time when a student should be focused on improving their timbre. Utilization of Audi-Graph at home is similar to using a tuner. However, there is no recording or scoring options in the software to prove usage.

How accurate is Audi-Graph?

Question: How accurate is Audi-Graph? Surely what I see is not the only thing that constitutes a professional musician.

Answer: Audi-Graph is very precise, but is only as precise as the microphone and the acoustics in the room allow. Audi-Graph is designed to be affordable for music educators and students. It is intentionally designed remain accurate and informative in school practice rooms that echo, reverberate, or have fellow students practicing next door. Some precision is lost, but the objective is to help students learn to achieve a professional timbre faster through visualization.

Audi-Graph also focuses more on the centroid of the sound rather than the attack and decay, and does not address finger technique, style, vibrato, or the responsiveness of the instrument. These elements of musical expression are the role of the private instructor or educator.

Yes, it can be used in recording studio environments with professional grade sampling equipment and microphones. If you are interested in conducting this level of recording precision, please contact Audi-Graph Technical Support and we can work together to create you a custom version that fits your needs.