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Easy to Use

Once installed, Audi-Graph can be run in less than 5 mouse clicks with its easy to use interface.

No Annual Subscription Fee

When you purchase Audi-Graph, you are able to use that version indefinitely and there is no requirement to purchase an upgrade.

Upgrade Discounts

Existing customers are eligible for free upgrades to future revisions of the software and library upgrades.

Designed for the Practice Room Environment

Audi-Graph provides accurate results even in a practice room with someone playing next to you. The patented methods significantly reduces the influence of poor environmental acoustics, and displays as much of the instrument sound as possible.


Online Ordering via secure PayPal

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Audi-Graph will email you your confirmation information, product key, and executable file. Please make sure your information is correct, and that the proper email you wish to be contacted it is listed on the paypal order form.


Site Licenses

If you are interested in purchasing site licenses for multiple practice rooms or for student curriculum, please email a detailed description of what you need.


Audi-Graph requires a microphone, and works on Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8) as well as MacOSX (utilizing a free emulator called WineBottler).
It requires a 2ghz computer, 4gb RAM and 150mb harddrive.


Audi-Graph requires the use of an external microphone (not included). Playback and Tuning can use inexpensive clip-on, stereo mini, or even built-in laptop/computer microphones. Timbre Visualization requires a USB microphone, due to the sensitivity.

Audi-Graph has had proven success using the Audio Technica AT202 USB or the Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser microphones, and recommends their use over other alternatives. Audi-Graph cannot provide tech support on the actual microphone, setup, etc. USB microphones are easy to install, robust, high quality, and often available in neighborhood computer stores or guitar/audio centers (appx $90). However, any USB phantom powered microphone should work.

Audi-Graph is evaluating the performance and compatibility of less expensive microphone alternatives. The Logitech Desktop USB Microphone, available at most office supply retail stores (appx $30), appears to perform well. Also, the Wii/PS3/Xbox Guitar Hero USB Microphone and Rock Band USB Microphone , available at most electronic and gaming stores (appx $20), also appear to work well. Simply plug the microphone into an available USB port and Windows will automatically install the necessary drivers to operate the microphone. In testing, it was noted these microphones are susceptible to friction and motion noise, but if stationary/mounted should perform well. These microphones seem to be set to a high default volume sensitivity, so some manual adjustments may need to be made in the Windows control panel sound/recording setup options. They lose a little performance in the high end frequency range, but should be adequate less-expensive alternatives to the recommended microphone.

Quality of the microphone will impact the performance and accuracy of Audi-Graph in Timbre Visualization and Articulation Analysis. Please note that common consumer microphones are unable to reliably function with the tuner below G#1 (51.91hz), a low note on Tuba, or Euphonium.

  • More advanced and less advanced technologies exist in microphones, with a wide range of prices. Audi-Graph suggests Condenser microphones with at performance specifications at minimum of 40-15khz sampling range, 11khz sampling rate, 16-bit resolution, 1db accuracy, flat wide frequency response.
  • USB Microphones are recommended as they offer a balance of performance, sensitivity, and cost. On average, most USB microphones should meet the minimum requirements.
    • Free-standing and integrated laptop microphones are affordable but do not perform adequately in the upper and lower registers necessary for reliable analysis when using Timbre Visualization. They work well enough for all other functions and features for Audi-Graph.
    • High fidelity XLR microphones (those that typically cost above $150) are impressive, but the beneficial gain using such equipment in home or school practice-room environment is minimal.
    • Please note that when using XLR or microphones with stereo-mini plugs, some adjustments to the default Windows settings may be necessary. This is because many soundcards are configured automatically for “noise cancellation” which reduce repetitive sound input (such as when you are holding a long tone). We are evaluating methods to bypass or disable this configuration. In addition to being more responsive, USB microphones bypass this configuration in their default setup
  • Microphone placement is also important. Please see instructions for more details on placement.


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